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Marketing / Sale / Corporate Representation of Products and Services

This is what we bring to your company. Controlled presentation and aaccessibility to the market throughthrough existing, well established professional sales engineering companies. That are presently calling on clients within specific territories.  These companies are hand selected and appointed sales agencies of AAPATIN we regard them as our "hunters". They assist in gathering and identification of potential clients, projects and targeted business supply opportunities, presentation, sales assistance and local presence rather than a voice on the phone.

We facilitate the the representation of your companies apparatus.  We source, qualify and engage existing engineered sales agencies with non competitive yet commentary clients, products and innovative technologies.  We are always on the lookout for companies that fit well with our business model that are established with a specific region or territory.

Key Benefits

bulletCommissioned based
bulletResults oriented
bulletSpeed to market using existing and new clients
bulletLocal, controlled and professional representation
bulletOur service can work well with existing teams already set up


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