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Energy Recovery Systems ( Steam Electricity) LOW to No EMISSIONS

  1. Carbon Based Energy Recovery Systems
  2. Modular and scalable to suit application.
  3. Optional No sorting or shredding required.
  4. Ideal for new inbound MSW  & existing landfills
  5. Environmental  Decontamination & Remediation
  6. Optional to process with out sorting any combination of carbon or hydrocarbons feed stock:  IE:  tires, plastics, wood, petroleum coke or sludge, oil, contaminated soil, municipal solid waste, trash, medical, and existing landfill. 

Packaged Power Generation with or without Custom Enclosures

  1. Reciprocating & Gas Turbine generators KW- MW.  New and Experienced
  2. Simple and Combined Cycle 50/60 Hz
  3. Diesel, Bio Fuel, Pipeline/Natural Gas, Methane, HFO  
  5. Selectable and optional services available.  Supply to EPCM.

Modular and Scaleable BIO DIESEL and Glycerin Refineries

  1. ADSM GRADE < and > 3.2MGpy.
  2. Waterless technology.

Wind POWER and Wind Pumping

  1. HAWT and VAWT technologies -  20kw to Multi MW Farms

Modular and Scaleable Water Purification Systems   

  1. Brackish, river water or sea water into potable water, RO or industrial l water.
  2. Packaged or Containerized, remote control operation
  3. Excellent for relief in floods, EMO, humanitarian relief, etc. 
  4. Water for emergency backups, construction camps supply, etc.

Industrial & Utility Solutions Provider - Electrical, Mechanical and Process

  1. Location & Supply of New Standing Surplus and Refurbished apparatus.
  2. Asset Recovery
  3. Stealth Purchasing Services
  4. Power Transformers

High Volume 18000gpm) Portable Pumps

  1. Pumps are PTO or Power Pack driven
  2. Portable and affordable
  3. Ideal for flooding or dewatering  situations.

ALGAE-Oil Technology for CO, CO2, NOX reduction  ( Coming Fall 2008 )

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