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 AAPATIN Corporation

GREEN Technology Development  

AAPATIN matches the GREEN Technologies and processes of the companies we work with or represent, with project opportunities.

AAPATIN, with collaboration with its solutions teams, provides industrial project level services to an EPC or EPCM. Our solutions team is comprised of many high profile businesses, experts in their fields, having best in class technologies, apparatus and services, with the capability to meet the need, irrespective of the project.  Collectively, we bring decades of project experience, with proven technologies, techniques and related professional services.  

Our Vision

To establish relationships with end customers, developers and engineering firms in order to develop and facilitate projects with the technologies, products, and services of the companies we represent.   

Our Mission

Is to provide exceptional GREEN Technologies to end customers in a timely, cost effective manor.

Is to offer/have available a construction and operations program for staffing.  It considers educational needs, certifications and skill sets required plus collaborative assessment/further development of existing programs local education boards.  It will then seek qualified local individuals and companies, blend them with veterans, minorities, diversity, special needs and aboriginals at a ratio that is acceptable. Then it will build and educate a team to accomplish this task.

Is to share the GREEN Technology and watch the long term benefits in the community from the educational component.   Its not just a project, its job starts, employment, education, providing much needed experience and training, integration, respect, a sense of pride from working on a project, long term employment along with personal and business growth.

Company Profile

AAPATIN, along with GREEN Technology, in most instances also has relationships to provide EPC and EPCM level services.  Factory/OEM direct access to larger equipment and products typically used in projects by: Utilities, Independent Power Producers, Manufacturers, Process, Oil and Gas Companies, Refineries, Mines and Foundries, Construction, Forestry, and Exploration Companies, Universities, Hospitals, Cities, States, Provinces, and Local and Federal Governments through Consultants, Engineers, Planners, Developers, Operations Mgrs, Vars and packagers.

 Our History

AAPATIN was founded in 2000 recognizing the need for an interface between end customers and GREEN technology companies. 

AAPATIN - Meaning

AAPATIN - The Cree word meaning "Useful when used" or "Of great use."

Contact Information

Brian Isbister Operations General Manager


Dale Hoffman Controller CFO

Michael Isbister President CEO

Postal address available
Edmonton Alberta Canada
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General Information:   info@aapatin.com
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